Thursday, September 19, 2019

How to fix HDD (Hard Disk Drive) not detected in DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

When your monitor shows the error like (No hard Disk Detected) you may try these easy fix method.

Method I:
To fix some normal error of Hard Disk you may try formatting the disk. If this doesn’t work you can try second method below.

Method II:
You must see that your DVR is getting sufficient power or not. Maximum 4, 8 and 16 channel DVR uses 12V 2 Amp DC power. If not, the HDD may not be detected in lower voltage. You may try yourself to fix the problem by replacing the proper power adapter.

Method III:
You can fix some error by changing SATA cable or power cable of the DVR. For this you must have screw driver set. By disassembling the DVR you can change the SATA cable or power cable of HDD.
Note: Please do not dissemble the DVR if you don’t know the basic knowledge of disassembly. If your DVR comes under warranty please do not disassemble, it voids warranty Life.

Method IV:
You can try replacing the HDD to ensure that your HDD is working or not. If not you may purchase new one.

If all the above methods doesn’t work for you, you may take your DVR set to the nearest Authorized service center.


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