Thursday, December 21, 2023

How To Boost Your WIFI (Internet) Speed for Free - 10 Tips

    If you are experiencing a slow Internet (WIFI) speed despite having a high-speed internet plan? here we provide top ten tips to boost your internet connection speed.  These tips you can follow at your home or office without involve your Internet Service Provider (ISP). follow the tips and check if there's a problem you can fix it now.

1. Check the  Internet Cable Connection

The first step to check your Fiber optic cable which are connected to your WIFI router. checking the external Fiber optic cables connecting to your router. Sometimes it may be  bends in the fiber optic cable can create pressure, it will cause lower the internet speed. you may keep the internet cables away from electric cables to prevent any interference.

2. Reposition Your Router

Find a central location at your home that is equal distance  from all the  rooms at home. The placement of your router plays a crucial role in determining the speed of your internet connection. placing your router to the corner of your home will cause the slower connection. Connecting to the far distance from the router will result in latency. 

3. Update your router

you may Regularly check for firmware updates for your router. Software/ firmware of router plays an important role to fasten your connection and performance. try changing DNS settings to open/public DNS, it will make your connection more speed.

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4. Use of Ethernet Cable

you can use ethernet cable directly from router to your Desktop/Laptop to make strong connection and to avoid latency. in long distance, WIFI connection makes some delay/latency. try connecting your smart devices like Smart TV, or any other Smart Devices which having ethernet port. 

5. Reset Your WIFI Router

Resetting your WIFI router once a month can help to resolve any small issues and improve its performance. prefer a reliable web browser and regularly clear cache data  to ensure optimal connection and speed.

6. Wall mount Your WIFI Router and reposition antennas for Coverage.

7. Always use Strong WIFI Password (Prefer WPA2/WPA3 Security).

8. Checking connected devices and Changing Password Frequently.

9. Schedule Your router to auto reboot once a day.

10. Switch you faster frequency band for example, you can switch from 2.4G to 5G from your router. (you must have Compatible WIFI Router)

By following these ten tips, you can improve/enhance your internet connection speed and enjoy a faster and more reliable Connection. Try  these solutions and leave your Feedback in comments below. 

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