Friday, September 20, 2019

CCTV Camera Installation Guide

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. Nowadays the requirement of CCTV cameras Surveillance set is higher. It is becoming the necessity to install a CCTV cameras.  The purpose of CCTV camera is mainly for security purpose. Nowadays Mall, Complex Roads, Shopping Center etc. are fully under CCTV surveillance. Technology is becoming smarter day by day. Phone to smartphone, Analog to digital this changing process is going forward and forward. For the security of Home, Office, Shop CCTV Cameras may be the basic requirement for all. Here we will provide the complete installation guide of CCTV surveillance system.

Required Materials:

      1      CCTV Camera
2.       DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
3.       HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
4.       CCTV wire
5.       Power supply
6.       B & C connector
7.       DC Jack
8.       Monitor


1.       Install the HDD in DVR Box. For this, you need Screw driver set. Disassemble the dvr and install the Hard Disk and screw the HDD with screw given in the DVR set. After that plug the SATA Cable and Power cable to the both DVR and HDD in right way.

2.       Connect the DVR to power source with given power adapter in the box.

3.       After this you will need a mouse (pointing Device) connect it to the DVR. Also connect VGA or HDMI cable to the DVR and connect it to monitor. (Don’t forget to connect a monitor to power source)

4.       Setup DVR with the help of User manual given in the box.
If you are unable to set up read this.
How to setup HikVision DVR for First time

Connection Process:

Connect the camera with B&C connector both side of the CCTV cable. Also connect DC jack to the one side of the cable as shown in the image below.

Connect the camera with B&C jack and Dc jack and also connect to the DVR Slot. Camera needs to be powered with 12V dc current. For this you will need a power supply adapter of 12 volt.
By this you have successfully completed the installation of one camera. You can install others camera as per your requirement.


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