Saturday, May 2, 2020

Easy way to find Neighbors WIFI Password

We all are using internet in our daily life. Social media, YouTube, Google search are the commonly used by us in our daily life. Favorite movies, serials and many other videos are free on YouTube. But without internet, how can we use it. Chatting on Facebook messenger, video call on Whatsapp etc. is impossible without internet connection. Mobile data is more costly comparing to WIFI internet.  Day to day internet surfing by using mobile data it is more costly. We all may not have installed internet connection in our home but your neighbors may have it. But we will provide some tips that will help you to find your neighbors WIFI password.

Using common WIFI apps:

There are many WIFI apps found in Google play store which will easily find and connect you to the internet. Some of the WIFI apps are WPS WPA Tester, Android Dumper, WIFI Map etc. these apps will find the nearby some less secured WIFI signal and find the WIFI password for you. These apps don’t allow you to view the password but it will connect you the WIFI. These common apps will not connect to all WIFI signals but it may connect some.

Phone to phone connection:

            Most of the Smartphone’s supports phone to phone WIFI sharing. For this you need to have neighbors mobile with you for a minute. Many Smartphone’s having WIFI sharing inbuilt feature which will help you be connected. For this go to settings and tap WIFI setting. There you will see a QR code. Scan the QR code by your mobile then it will connects you to the WIFI. If this feature works for you smile and share this article to friends and family.

Trying Common Password:

            Most of the people use common passwords in the router which will be your key to get connected. You may be connected to the WIFI by trying common passwords for example; same SSID (WIFI Name), Neighbors’ Mobile number, Name, caste common password like (Password123, Password321, computer123, mobile123) etc. these common passwords may be correct.  Keep in mind that it may not work if the password is much strong.

Using Connected Device:

            For using this feature, you must have some knowledge that how to get enter to the routers setting page. Don’t worry, we will teach you how to enter to the router setting page. Firstly, you need to find the routers IP address. Some of the common router IP address are 192.1680.1.1,, 192,168.2.1, etc. open the any web browser (like, chrome, Firefox, opera etc.) in the connected device (which the WIFI is already connected). Type the IP address in the URL field. It will ask you for the username and password. Most of the routers have common username and password like (admin-admin, user-user admin-1234 etc.)
After login click on wireless tab (Security tab) and view the password.

iPhone  to iPhone, iPod, iPad Sharing:

            iPhone to iPhone WIFI sharing is very easy. If you are having one iPhone is connected to the WIFI then you can share to other by simple trick. For this, turn on the WIFI and Bluetooth on both devices. (Turn off the Hotspot if turned on) make sure that your apple id is saved in next Iphone. After this keep the both phone nearby and open WIFI settings. It wills asks you to share WIFI, then tap share Password it will get connected. This will only works on latest version of IOS.

From Connected Laptop/Computer:

            Viewing WIFI password from connected pc or laptop is the easiest process among all. You can easily view the password of the network which you are connected in by using this simple method.

In windows 7,

  • Click on WIFI icon in the button right corner of your computer screen, and the new windows opens showing list of connected network sources.
  • Find the correct connected WIFI network and right click on that.
  • Click on properties, a new window will pop up.
  • In that new window click on security tab and you will find the WIFI password.
In windows 10,
  • Go to your control panel
  • Click on Network and internet
  • Click on network and Sharing Center, it will show your current   connected network and SSID in blue color.
  • Click on your SSID and new window will opens that shown your WIFI status
  • Click on wireless properties and it will show wireless network properties in new window.
  • Click on security and you will get your password. You can click on show characters to view your Password.


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