Monday, November 25, 2019

Resetting Epson M200 printer as Factory Default

If you experience problems with your Epson M200, and restarting doesn't help to solve the problem, try resetting the machine.

Resetting empties your Epson M200 of all information, and set it up again for your personal use by the following methods.

I. Method-1  :- To Factory Reset your Epson M200 with synchronizing with your computer 

  • Plug Your M200 into the computer correctly.
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  • Go to your computer control  panel.
  • Go to device and printers.
  • Select your M200 printer and click the right bottom of mouse.
  • Go to printing preference and select the factory default icon.

ii. Method-2 :- You can also reset your Epson M200 from the device itself :-Turn on the machine.

  • Press the menu icon  on the machine. 
  • Go to the Restore Default Setting.
  • Press Reset all setting.
  • Then select Yes.
  • Now the process is completed, please wait patently for the machine restart.
Then you need to setup your Epson M200 machine again.

If you can't reset your machine with this steps please contact your nearest Epson service center either contract technical support using live support from our official website.  

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