Thursday, November 21, 2019

Screen mirroring to Smart TV, Computer, Laptop from Android or iPhone

This article we will explain  how you can mirror your phone, tablet or PC screen to your TV using a number of different methods including an HDMI cable, Chrome cast, Airplay or Mira cast, WIFI to WIFI and USB to USB many more.

What is screen mirroring?

Screen mirroring is the process to share the one device screen to another device. Such as mobile phone screen to the computer or TV. In this article we will teach the ideas about how to share Smartphone screen to computer/TV and vice versa.

Screen mirroring using HDMI cable.

1.       Find HDMI port in your laptop and TV
2.       Connect both with the help of HDMI cable
3.       Your laptop will automatically recognize the output and adjust the correct display accordingly.( you may search for settings in your PC to manage your display setting)

Android Screen mirroring to PC Using WIFI (wireless Network)

1.       connect Android phone and PC to the same Wi-Fi
2.       Mirror Android phone screen on PC wirelessly
In android, google play store has so many applications to mirror your android Smartphone's to computer using wireless network. Some of the popular application available in play store are listed below.

1.       Screen cast
2.       Smart view
3.       Screen share
4.       Air screen (air play)
5.       Vysor - screen control on PC
6.       Air droid
7.       And so on.
Here we will provide you the ways to cast screen using air droid application.
1.       Run the application in your Smartphone
2.       Click on air droid web and get the connection ip address.
3.       Run your desired browser in your computer and enter ip address with port number and enjoy screen mirroring.

Screen mirroring with computer to computer and remote control.

Team Viewer and Any desk are the popular apps to take remote access to your desktop computer using another computer or smartphone also. These apps are the most popular apps to cast/mirror and control the computer from the entire world. These apps are available in both individual and business purposes also. Some of the features are limited in individual user or free user but it works well. For business purpose Team Viewer is used as conference calls also.
In this you have to install Team Viewer or any desk in your computer. After installing the app will provide you the unique codes and password to you. Enter the displayed password to the another computer and connect. Well enjoy the screen mirroring, you also have control over it.

IPhone to windows PC screen mirroring (Wired connection)

3U tools is the best way to mirror an iPhone screen to computer screen. For this you must have lightning to USB cable to connect your iPhone to computer.
  1. Launch 3U tools in your computer
  2. Connect USB cable in both devices.
  3. It will ask for unlock screen and trust this device.(press trust this device)

4.  Now click on 3U air player and proceed through the connection. you can connect the devices with the help of image provided below.

Trust the computer in your iPhone and enjoy.


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