Monday, December 2, 2019

ADSL router setup process - Full setup Configuration

Understanding the ADSL router
What is ADSL ?
ADSL stands for asymmetric digital subscriber line. ADSL line is a communication technology that provides a data transmission through a telephone signal over a wired connection of copper telephone line.

Types of ADSL Router
·         ADSL router
·         ADSL2 router

ADSL and ADSL2 routers are the same type. ADSL2 router is the upgraded, revised, enhanced version of ADSL router. ADSL2 router provides the fastest data speed as compared to the ADSL Router.

Connection process of ADSL Internet

For ADSL internet, it requires a wired copper connection from ISP to your home/office. You have to pay some amount as per the speed of the internet to the internet service provider (ISP). Your ISP will provide you the username and the password of the internet connection.

Required equipment's to the connection
1. RJ11 Patch Cut Cable
2. ADSL Splitter
3. ADSL or ADSL2 Router
4. LAN Patch Cut Cable (optional)
5. Computer or Smartphone Phone for Router setup (configuration)

1. Connect the main line to the telephone socket.
2. Using RJ11 Patch cut cable, connect it to splitter.
3. From the splitter connect it to ADSL Router. Using RJ11 Patch Cut Cable. Don’t forget to plug in modem.
4. Using LAN Patch Cut Cable connect it to computer or laptop. (You may use wireless connection also)
5. Powered on the router using power adapter and proceed to the setup process.

Configuration process of ADSL Router

1) Open any web browser and type in the IP address of the ADSL router the default IP Address is written in the router or you may view user manual for the IP address. Default IP address may be ( And Press Enter.

2) It will ask the login information. Username and Password (Default username May Be admin and password is also admin). And click Login.

3) On the main page you will see Setup tab. Click on setup tab and continue.

4) Set the connection Type to PPPoA. Some Routers are specially designed according to country's setup process.

5) Enter the username and password.

6) Set VPI - set to ISP recommended settings (for example Nepal ADSL commonly uses VPI=8 and VCI=81).

7) Set the WIFI SSID and Password.

8) Leave other setting as default and save.

IF you have got error message or no internet connection. You may comment below, we will try to solve your problems.


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