Thursday, January 16, 2020

Restore windows photo viewer in windows 10

In windows 10, windows photo viewer has been replaced by photos. In our point of view in comparison to windows photo viewer and photos we have found that photos is quite slower than windows photo viewer. We have previously used the windows photo viewer in windows 7 too. To restore photos viewer in windows 10 is simple. To restore windows photo viewer in windows 10 please read this full article.

First Method:

1)  Right click on your image and select open with.
2)  Click on choose another app as shown in image below.

3) and  from more option find the windows photo viewer.

if the above method doesn't work for you you can proceed to next method.

Second Method:

1) Go to your computer desktop and create new text document and rename as photo viewer restore.
2) Click the below link to download the code.

Click Here To Download The Code

3) Copy the Downloaded Code and Paste in it and save.
4) change the file name extinsion to .reg and save.
5) Double click the registry file and install.
6) after proper installation Reboot your computer and proceed through first method.

If this method also didn't work for you you can comment below. will help you to solve the problems.

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