Sunday, August 15, 2021

Mini DC UPS for WIFI Router

 UPS Stands for Uninterruptable power supply. UPS is used in different devices such as Desktop Computer, WIFI Router and nowadays it is also available in inverter also. UPS provides a constant power to the devices without power cut. if electricity line is not constant our work may be disturbed in many ways.

Internet is becoming an integral part of our life. Every device that connects us to the internet requires a power option. WIFI routers are not having a power storage functionality. for this we need a External power source to run the WIFI router. the best option is Portable mini DC UPS.

    Mini DC ups is very much useful for WIFI routers. It provides the constant power to the WIFI router without fluctuation. it is most useful device for our day to day life. Portable mini DC UPS comes with different models with different functionality. Before purchasing the UPS we need to know the basic functions of the ups. Firstly we need to see the power Backup, More the Battery Capacity we get more Backup. Many of the Brands are marketing the false product in the market. we will provide the best guide to buy the Portable Mini DC UPS here.

Battery Capacity is the first thing you need to lookup before buying. Commonly 8000 MAh battery is enough, which provides almost 6 to 8 hours of power standby to the WIFI routers. Backup time will be depends on current consumption of Routers. 

Power Output slots is very important. we need to see the router compatibility for the suitable power. Most of the routers are run with 12V DC line. 9V and 5V routers are also available in the market. we need to ensure power Compatibility before purchasing the UPS. Some of the UPS comes with all three modes of power output.

Durability of the ups are vary from Brand to Brand. Before buying the UPS we need to ask for product warranty and service also. Warranty is very important, it is an electronic device, we are unknown when the device fails. 

Functionality of Portable Mini DC ups are vary from brand to brand. some of the devices comes with POE option which is used for CPE, CCTV Camera, USB port for Smartphone charging  etc. all these functions may be required to us. we need to verify before purchasing the device.

Price is the major factor. before buying please compare the prices with the similar product available in the market. in some cases, we must lookup the size, Portability with the price. 

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