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we (the owner of this blog) will not ask for any kind of visitors personal data and we will not store any personal data of the viewers. In this blog we provide different kinds of articles about the technology and It related materials. we also provide the error fixing posts, videos, tutorials, and different troubleshooting guide of electronic appliances like Computer, Printers, Mobile etc. to our viewers. Only the comments, queries, questions, Feedback and solutions are publicly shown in this blog. we will not ask any personal phone number or mail address to our viewers.

In this blog, we use google adsence ads, Google adsence and use cookies to serve ads based on a user's prior visits to our blog. Note that (This Blog) has no access to or control over these cookies that are used by third-party advertisers. This blog is completely safe to our viewers and all the services that we post in this blog is completely free to our viewers.In this blog, we use google analytics which may collects your interest, time you stay on a particular post or page. google analytics may track your location of browsing, search queries, your browser and operating system etc. By this we have contact form in this blog which may ask your nickname, mail id etc. which are not shown publicly in this blog. Some Comments may be shown publicly.

This blog is publicly available to all countries visitors. We request our visitor that, please do not post your mail id, password publicly in this blog. I Sandip Dhakal (The owner of this blog) declare that the the information collected from feedback form and comments are taken importantly. Every viewers can contact us privately by filling up contact form displayed in Contact us page.

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