Friday, December 13, 2019

Process to make bootable USB of windows 10

Process to make bootable USB of windows 10, windows 7, windows 8
If you are getting trouble in your windows computer or laptop you may format and re install windows operating system in it. For this you need to have a bootable DVD or Bootable USB Drive. Making a bootable USB device is so easier. 

       In this article we will teach you how to make a bootable USB  of windows ISO image. In Market you find a bootable DVD but it cost some amount. Making a bootable USB device is completely free. Bootable DVD is somewhat slower as compared to Bootable USB. If you use Bootable USB windows installation will be faster. There are many kinds of software available in internet and many of them are free and genuine. Here we will talk about Rufus bootable maker software. 

List of Bootable maker Software:
1) Rufus
2) Windows USB / DVD tool
3) Universal USB Installer
4) Unetbootin and many more

Rufus is the easiest way to make bootable USB drive. In Rufus you will get two partition scheme MBR and GPT. MBR stands for Master Boot Records and GPT stands for GUID partition Table.

First of all, Download Rufus Software.

To make the USB bootable you must have the windows image file. to download the image file of windows you can visit Microsoft website. secondly you must have USB drive more than 4 GB storage.

Launch the Rufus software and plug the USB Storage device in USB port of your computer. the software automatically detect the USB storage device. winch is shown in the figure indicated as number 1. If you have plugged more USB device in your computer you have to select is from the software.

Second step is selecting the image (ISO) file. Select he ISO file from the computer which was downloaded from the genuine source. Boot selection is shown in the above figure indicated as number 2.

(we recommend you to the download the windows system image (ISO) file from Microsoft website or from trusted website only).

The third step is selecting the partition scheme. this is the main step of bootable making process. Here you will find two partition scheme GPT and MBR. If you want legacy system you can select MBR partition and if you want UEFI system you can select GPT partition scheme. Partition scheme selection is shown in the above figure indicated as number 3 and 4.

after this leave all the fields as default and proceed to start. before starting make sure that your USB storage device will be formatted, you may loss your files please backup the files of USB storage device and press start. you will see the status of bootable making process. after completed it is ready to be use.

Once again read the complete Process in step wise.
1) Download Rufus Software
2) Download ISO Image
3) Plug the USB Storage device to computer
4) Select Drive Options
5) Select Downloaded ISO Image
6) Select Partition Scheme
7) Start the Process

if you have got error in windows installation, your bootable device may be corrupted. while installing windows, corrupted bootable device will not show the hard drive of your windows computer. this is a common error of corrupted USB bootable Device. 

If you have got any errors, the windows ISO image may be corrupted or you have made some mistake. please restart the same process and it may solve your problems. Please leave a comment or contact us, if you have any errors we are ready to solve your problems.


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